PhenQ Vs Phen375

  • PhenQ Vs Phen375

Let explore PhenQ Vs Phen375

 Are you there looking for weight loss remedies? Have you come across these two diet pills? Are wondering which one to choose among them? Then, don’t move any further, this is the right place to be.

Here we offer you solid information regarding the two supplementary weight loss pills to enable you to come up with a well-informed decision when purchasing your diet pills.


Why should you choose PhenQ and leave Phen375?

PhenQ is a supplementary diet pill which helps you get over your weight related woes. Here are the reasons why PhenQ is better thanPhen375.

  • It consists of 7powerful ingredients while Phen375 is a combination of only 4 ingredients.
  • These ingredients are 100% natural hence safe for anybody to use.
  • It is manufactured by EGRO Group Limited a well-established company which can’t rip you off or sign you up to dodgy billing agreements.
  • You can purchase PhenQ over the counter without any Doctor’s prescription, unlike phen375 which must be prescribed by a health practitioner.
  • This weight loss pill is less expensive compared to Phen375.
  • PhenQ uses 4 ways to combat your weight while Phen375 uses 3 methods only.
  • A bottle of PhenQ consists of 60 capsules which take you a whole month while Phen375 takes you 15 days – its bottle carries 30 pills only as the first package.
  • PhenQ comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which you can easily get back unlike Phen375 which needs you to follow certain directions on their official page for you to be compensated.
  • Phen375 presents you a lot of side effect compared to PhenQ which barely has any side effect.
  • PhenQ is safer to use, unlike Phen375 which is the closest to Phentermine a very dangerous weight loss supplement which was burned from the market.

Phen375 was introduced to the market on 2009 while PhenQ came in 2015 making it more revised and safer for human consumption.


Ingredients of PhenQ

  • Capsicum Powder: this ingredient has a main component called Capsicum which is used in two ways:
    • It increases your blood flow to allow quicker absorption of other Phenq ingredients,
    • It helps raise your body temperature which results to burning off more calories.
  • Chromium Picolinate: it works as an appetite suppressant by keeping your sugar at the maximum levels. This helps stop you from feeling hungry hence no snacking.
  • Calcium Carbonate: it helps convert fats into energy hence stops your body from storing more fats.
  • L- Carnitine: it flushes out the stored fats into your blood stream to help convert them into energy.
  • Caffeine: it is a stimulant which increases your energy levels to help you stay focused. It also raises your metabolism rate to allow you burn more calories.
  • Nopal: this ingredient comes from cactus. It provides a lot of fiber which suppresses your appetite to help you feel full.
  • A-Lacys Reset®: this component is a mixture of alpha- lipoic acid and cysteine. It acts as an accelerator which speeds up the calorie burning.


How does PhenQ work?

 It works in four different ways to enhance your weight loss:

  • It boosts your energy levels – when you have enough energy you are able to exercise and burn more calories.
  • It suppresses your appetite – by suppressing your appetite your mind is tricked to believe that you are full. This helps reduce snacking hence losing more weight.
  • It stops fat production – it aids your body convert the already stored fats into energy hence stopping more production of fats.
  • It burns calories – PhenQ helps raise your metabolism rate hence burning more calories.


Phen375 Review

Phen375 is a weight loss diet pill which is an alternative to Phentermine. This diet pill can only be purchased with a Doctor Prescription.


How does Phen375 work?

 This weight loss supplementary pill works in three ways.

  • It suppresses your appetite – by so doing it stops you from snacking now and then.
  • It boosts your energy – when your energy level goes up you are able to exercise and burn more calories hence shed more weight.
  • It burns fats – by increasing your energy levels phen375 helps convert calories into energy.


What are the ingredients in Phen375?

  • Citrus Aurantium: it is a stimulant that comes from fruits. It increases your metabolism rate to help you burn more calories.
  • Trimethylxanthine: this ingredient is used to trick your mind into believing you are full hence stops you from snacking.
  • L – Carnitine: it releases stored body fats into your blood stream and convert them into energy.
  • Capsaicin: this component works in two ways:
  • It raises your blood flow to help absorb other Phen375 ingredients faster throughout your body.
  • It also increases your body temperature to help burn more calories.


Phen375 side effects

  • It increases your blood pressure
  • It raises your chances of developing heart diseases
  • It makes you feel jitteriness
  • It disrupts your sleeping routine
  • It causes constipation and
  • Make you feel dizziness



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PHENQ vs Phen375 Verdict

PhenQ is a safer weight loss supplement to use on your body and carries with a lot of advantages. On the other hand, Phen375 will also help you shed your weight but comes with a lot of disadvantages compared to PhenQ. For better results and without any side effects purchase your phenQ package today from, their official website.

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